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One of the Biggest Dangers in the Teachers’ Strike

October 2, 2012



With a district near Chicago striking this week, and with continuing reports of impending strikes, one of my biggest worries about the education landscape has been over the representation of teacher evaluations. If you recall, teacher evaluations were at the center of union/district tensions in Chicago, where they were touted by the city leaders and […]

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What’s Missing from the Chicago Teachers’ Strike

September 14, 2012



Reports coming out of Chicago today suggest that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for the city’s public schools, but even when a deal is reached, the fight is far from over. Until Chicago Public Schools and districts all over the U.S. get their priorities straight, and teachers receive the tools they […]

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100% College and Career Readiness: A Complete Vision for Students

September 7, 2012



Click the play button to learn about this growing, grass-roots vision for students in America The fact is, there are student populations in the U.S. that have been, and always will be, college and career ready. Most challenges in education do not come from a lack of readiness alone, but from America’s unique gap in […]

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